I have two cats.   Just look at their faces.  Shere Khan & Sweet Koda.   They can never be in the same room, for one will eat the other.   Shere Khan shreds a leg that walks past.  Shere Khan bites a fleshy thigh hanging out of a white plastic lawn chair.    He’s just mean.  You must have all six senses awake and alert when this cat saunters by.  One snowy night both cats were sheltered in the house, but kept apart.  Sweet Koda was around me as  I fell asleep all snug in my bed.   

In the night, my sister, bless her soul, switched the cats.  She tossed out the murderer and pulled  Koda in her room,  shutting the door.  A little shake of my shoulder to advise me of this change would have been a nice gesture.  A token of sisterly affection, but no.

The deadly one stalked about while I lay sleeping.  In the morning I heard a meow at the side of my bed.  I reached down to greet my soft fluffy Koda. “ Oh bo bo bo, hows my bo bo bo?”,  I said.

And then I felt  sharp daggers sink into my flesh and I knew in a second I was with the Khan.  I was not groggy — really fast.  I thanked my sister later and she had a good laugh while apologizing.

Families are forever, and thank goodness.  Where else would we get these memories?  The Temple is about sealing families together.   What cat lover do you know who is not familiar with temples?  Share a cat today….er I mean  a book today! www.drawingonsymbols.com