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About Me

I grew up on a small island in the South Pacific.  My early attempts at art began on our gravel driveway that I would use as a canvas. I would take a stick and draw up the blue prints of an underwater craft (which of course had glass walls so I could see the ocean floor and sea creatures).  I think much of my creative nature came from those days.  Now I live here in Utah among the majestic mountains that inspire me even more.

About this Project

Hi Friends!

I am pleased that you found this website and coloring book, and in a way this coloring book found me.

It is the first time I have attempted to draw anything like this. I think I have surprised many people including myself!   However, I give credit to God, where credit is due: The pictures flowed freely when I put pencil to paper. I was amazed through much of this process.

I believe that all things in nature and the universe testify of Jesus Christ and His mission. Combining the beautiful designs of nature, with the rich symbolism of temples (that also testify of Him), seemed to be a natural fit.

I really enjoyed drawing these pictures. I started with a pencil and then got to learn how to redraw them digitally which was an entirely new thing for me.

I have had a very positive response to the pages created, even from people not of my faith.

Each page is filled with symbols interwoven in the designs. They have to do with the creation and the purpose of life. I think you will enjoy discovering these for yourself as you color.

As I drew some of the pictures, I was amazed to find that, just like the temples, there was meaning to the patterns.

I thought of adding a description of the symbols on each page, but chose instead to allow you to discover these symbols on your own. I would love to hear what you find, and will respond as time permits.  See the Comments Tab at the top for specific pages.

Thank you for your support. May God bless you.

Jeanette Siufanua