I finished up my cold cereal and casually told my co-worker James, about a book I was trying to publish.  After a little more chit chat I stood and exited the cafeteria.  Quite immediately,  I heard footsteps behind me and peered back to find him in pursuit.  I asked him, “where are you going?”  he responded, “I am coming to see your coloring book”.  I let him know it had a religious theme.  He did not melt or burst into flames at this news and so we proceeded to my art bag and a table. I pulled out the pages.  I took him through the pictures and expounded quite easily on symbols found in the temples (fountains, stars, circles, etc).  He was amazed.  He kept saying ‘wow’.   I talked about Jesus Christ, the priesthood, the emblems of the sacrament and many more things.  It flowed so easily.  I made the mistake of saying “well I don’t want to go too deep”, to which he responded enthusiastically “no, I love when you go deep!”
He considered things that had never entered his mind before and he found it to be desireable.  There was a sweetness in the room as I was able to teach him.     A picture can convey a concept that will keep opening up a-ha! moments.  I wonder how it has affected him since.  Seeds grow, y’know.  
This book is a spiritual set of images that teach truth especially to those not familiar with temples–as was James.  I found out in later weeks he was a proclaimed atheist.  But I was there and felt when a seed was planted in his good heart.
If these magnificent buildings, these temples,  are made for all the human family- how are we getting the news out?   I served a mission.   It’s hard to get folks to read.  It’s hard to get them inside of a temple.   But a book, lying there for a man, woman, or child to flip through….. that is not so hard.  It doesn’t even need to be colored in.  In fact, I find it most beautiful not marked up.
Let me show you…..  Come back here in the days to follow and let’s go through the pages together.    It might just lead you to a sweet sharing experience!