My greatest surprise with my book Temples: Drawing on Symbols, is that it has appealed to men that I never took for ‘the coloring book type’.  They listened to me explain what they were seeing on the pages and their enthusiastic response made me look closer at what I was holding. They were very excited because this book resonates with the truth that there is more going on around us than we realize. The depth of this book appears especially when one quiets the mind and takes the time to ponder.  It was neat to see the effect this book had on these men.

The appeal of the gospel of Jesus Christ is universal.  Temples: Drawing On Symbols is more than a coloring book.  I showed this coloring book to a man who is addicted to video gaming. When he understood the symbols of the book His response was a little rough around the edges but I will quote him anyway. Of the book he said, “This is bad-A”. He didn’t fully finish saying that whole phrase because it included a swear word. But he was moved by the drawings and  found value in them. When I come to comprehend light, I am moved as well.

The doctrine of Jesus Christ is the absolute coolest thing out there! And there is no video game that can hold a machine gun to the power of His truths. His story is dispensed in the scriptures, in the temples, and it is the story that fulfills our deepest desires.  And isn’t that what the digital world promises but never delivers?

As I drew the images for this coloring book I could not help be amazed at how awesome the teachings of Christ are. The symbolism found in the temples has always been there but maybe we have not been aware of it. I hope to change that for men, women and children.  This book takes black and white text and transforms it into an image.  Those teachings come alive with color when a participant steps in and takes over where I left off.  Synergistic creative healing power is the result.  But it does not stop there.

Pictures say a thousand words and pictures can reach the unreachable. For example,  you’ll see on page one of the book a snake at the bottom of the page. What is around its neck? Why is it there? How did it get there? I drew that image and then my brain chewed on it and turned it over for several days. I could not stop pondering it. It showed me a gap that existed between myself and Christ. Our brains are goal oriented. Suddenly, my goal was to close that gap! That is the power of  imagery.  

Men and women of all walks of life are embracing the coloring book trend.  I saw a news clip out of Edmonton Alberta Canada. A book store hosted a coloring party for their customers. I was happy to see a big tough bearded man, covered in tattoos among the throng of women. Coloring truly is for everyone.

Maybe this book of images won’t change a life or  break a video game addiction,  but maybe it can start that break. A prophet of the Lord said this, “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass”. Alma 37:6

I love simple things. And I love this simple coloring book.  

Coloring Party! Join us for “Screen free Week” at Zions Mercantile at the Shops at Riverwoods 4801 N. University Ave. #480, Provo Utah 84604  this Saturday from 4:00-6:00 PM.  We will have large coloring pages for the public to color.  A raffle will be held.  We are giving away five coloring books.  I look forward to meeting you! Jeanette Siufanua